The Consortium is composed of 10 partners whose expertise is complementary with respect to the project requirements. The Consortium includes 3 SMEs from three countries: two technology providers and one end user, and it has been constituted to achieve the right trade-off between complementary and overlapping among the partners.

Partner Country Principal Investigator
UNIROMA3: Università degli Studi Roma Tre Italy Andrea Gasparri (Project Coordinator)
KTH: Royal Institute of Technology Sweden Dimos V. Dimarogonas
UNIROMA1: Sapienza Università di Roma Italy Daniele Nardi
UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Spain Alberto Sanfeliu
UNICLAM: Università degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale Italy Alessandro Marino
DTI: Danish Technological Institute Denmark Tsampikos Kounalakis
PALEBLUE AS Norway Felix Gorbatsevich
PAL Robotics SL Spain Francesco Ferro
AGRIMESSINA Srl Italy Francesco Messina
RSA Srl Italy Alessandro Albino Frezza



UNIROMA3 is the coordinator of CANOPIES. The unit has a consolidate experience in the field of industrial and advanced robotics and more recently it has grown a solid experience around the topics of multi-agent distributed estimation, multi-robot distributed coordination and robotics for PA. The unit will also lead WP1 and WP7.

Team: Prof. A. Gasparri (PI), Prof. G. Ulivi, Prof. S. Panzieri, Prof. F. Pascucci


KTH holds expertise in the areas of machine learning/learning-by-demonstration and multi-agent planning/control with an emphasis on human-in-the-loop methods. The unit will lead WP8.

Team: Prof. D. V. Dimarogonas (PI), L. Guerrero, W. Shaw, Prof. D. Kragic, H. Yin, A. Ghadirzadeh.


UNIROMA1 has a solid experience on Artificial Intelligence, specifically applied to Human Robot Interaction, as well as on perception for PA. The unit will lead WP6 and WP9.

Team: Prof. D. Nardi (PI), Prof. L. Iocchi, Prof. G. Grisetti, Prof. C. Napoli.


UPC-IRI (Intitut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial) has a consolidate experience in autonomous robots, assistive robots, human-robot interaction, computer vision and artificial intelligence. UPC-UMA (Unit of Agricultural Machinery) has large experience in viticulture, especially in spray application technology. The unit will lead WP4 and WP10.

Team: Prof. A. Sanfeliu (PI), Prof. E. Gil, Dr. J. Andrade-Cetto, Dr. F. Moreno-Noguer, Prof. A. Grau, Prof. Y. Bolea, Dr. A. Garrell.


UNICLAM has a consolidate experience in the field of industrial robotics, cooperative manipulators, mobile robotics, distributed control and assistive robotics. The unit will heavily contribute to the design and implementation of the manipulation functionalities of the farming robot and, to the reactive safety strategy in the human-robot interaction.

Team: A. Marino (PI), J. Palmieri, P. di Lillo, F. Arrichiello, G. Fusco, G. Antonelli, S. Chiaverini


DTI has a consolidated experience in the field of advanced automation, artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, mobile robotics, vision & sensors, as well as, robotic safety. The unit will take the role of the main robotic integrator and will lead WP3.

Team: T. Kounalakis (PI), K. C. Jeppesen, L. Dalgaard, J. Kortbek, M. Nielsen


PALEBLUE is a leading software company with extensive experience in VR, AR and 3D simulators, delivering simulation systems globally. The unit will lead the development of the VR simulation platform components and interfaces to immerse human co-workers in the environment by resorting to the virtualized sensorial equipment.

Team: Dr. F. Gorbatsevich, A. Kulikov, A. Komarov, I. Popescu


PAL is a leading company in the field of service robotics with a long experience in developing customizable, tailor-made platforms and modular robotic parts. The unit will lead the design, development and customization of a dual arms system with actuated torso along with the related software components.

Team: F. Ferro, L. Marchionni, Dr. J. Pagès, M. Santamaria, C. Vivas,  S. Terreri.


AGRIMESSINA has over 50 years of experience in table grapes farming and commercialization. The unit will lead WP2 to define the functional specifications and the field operations and logistic during pruning and harvesting.

Team: F. Messina, G. Valenzano


RSA has a dedicated line of business focused on the setting up a full range of services leading to the preparation organization and management of collaborative Research & Innovation projects. The unit will deploy the former head of the EU Project Department of Roma Tre University.

Team: Dr A. Albino, Dr. V.Frinolli.