Maker Faire 2022

During the weekend of October 7 to 9th, 2022, the CANOPIES partners - universities UNIROMA1, UNIROMA3, and UNICLAM with the collaboration of PALEBLUE - have organized a dissemination event at the Maker Faire ( in Rome.

A large exhibition area (, with two CANOPIES robots, one farming and one logistics, aimed at reproducing a field with the installation of plants and synthetic grass. Within that area, a portion was dedicated to activities with the CANOPIES virtual reality. During the 3-day exhibition, a demostration about the manipulation capabilities of the robot for grape harvesting, the human-robot interaction capabilities using voice commands and gestures, grape cluster recognition and quality estimation capabilities, mobile base motion capabilities, as well as the virtual reality, were presented.

Some interviews were communicate for news programs of the following national TV channels:

  • Rai 1
  • Sky TG24
  • Rainews

And the activities were presented in the press release, entitled "Arrivederci Maker, il futuro è sostenibile", of the national newspaper "Il Messaggero".