PaleBlue Virtual Robotics & Autonomy Platform, has been recognized by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. This platform is being developed as a part of the CANOPIES PROJECT EU-funded under program Horizon 2020. The platform has been named a significant EU innovation.

PaleBlue has been identified as a Key Innovator in the development of this innovation. This acknowledgment underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating solutions that have a significant impact on various industries. Read the full recognition at EU’s Innovation Radar portal.We are very proud of the recognition that our Virtual Robotics & Autonomy Platform has received from the European Commission’s Innovation Radar.

This innovation is a result of  the hard work and dedication of our team.This platform has been developed as a part of Canopies, a large EU-funded project dedicated to development of autonomous robots in the precision farming.

We would like to thank the European Commission’s Innovation Radar team for this acknowledgment and extend our appreciation to everyone involved in the Canopies robotics project.