The Kickoff Meeting (KoM) of the European H2020 CANOPIES project (Grant agreement ID: 101016906) was held on the 11th and 12th of February 2021. The KoM was held remotely due to the active health and travel restrictions tied to the COVID-19 emergency.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of all CANOPIES beneficiaries, totaling 47 participants. During the two sessions all issues related to the commencement, management, finance, and technicalities of CANOPIES project were presented and thoroughly discussed.

The first of four mobile platform on board

Here it is our "first of the four" mobile platforms that will be customized within the CANOPIES project. Briefly, this crawler will be adapted both for transportation of boxes of harvested grapes (logistics robots) and will be equipped with dual arm torso for the execution of agronomic tasks such as harvesting or pruning (farming robots). Stay tuned for the first release of the customization to be validated on the field!

Agri-food workshop hosted by PAL Robotics - The European Robotics Forum (ERF) 13-15 April 2021

This workshop aims to portray the potential, main challenges and specific initiatives related to robotics and its applications in agri-food: the advantages that both robotics and AI are able to bring to the agri-food industry today and tomorrow. To do so, this session will gather experts in robotics and experts in agri-food, so that both can present their own points of view: from what are the challenges and situations that can be improved, to possible solutions and applications.